The content of the website optimization we must pay attention to those basic theory

, website optimization content quality has been present in the key of optimization process is also difficult, many owners in the process of writing the article in a miserable, see article on the first, most of the time is optimization problem, usually to reading, study, summary, can.

second, with the long tail of certain words mining ability. The purpose of the thesis is in addition to outside services for users, a lot of the time we should take into account the search engine. For example, each article must have a certain amount of search, we want to dig through the long tail word to write our website content, to bring these long tail words flow can be effectively transformed into our product orders, the long tail word flow although the amount is less but the conversion is high, with the page to do at the right of the.

fourth, the website must have the ability to catch fresh information. The Internet every day in the event of a lot of new things, all walks of life also has a fresh content industry, the Shanghai dragon Er, in addition to the experience and products for the key points in writing, we also should pay attention to the latest industry and related information, through their own vision: for Industry trends and the current industry view review and thoughts, let the user feel the first time for the latest information of our enterprise’s keen sense of smell, increase their professional degree and brand value of enterprises.

third, the content of resonate reading value. The author thinks that the writing of the article, the original is just the most basic requirements, most of the time we have to hold witness services for users, users to read our article, is actually a performance against agree with our opinions or our purpose is through the valuable articles to win customer recognition, so, how to reflect the value of positive comments? Many times some of their concluding paragraphs, some experts point of view, some users can be reflected in the content, we put forward the view that consumers themselves to the identification, I believe the distinctive views will win the praise of customers, for professional and authoritative website building.

Finally, the author summarize,

first, website content must be the heart of their writing. Our enterprise website for example, many enterprises station content is Shanghai dragon Er themselves to writing, not that information site can also use the power of user added content for the website enterprise station because the products and services themselves are more professional, so this article also have to complete, so Shanghai dragon er must have a clear understanding of their own service industry, or is certainly not write a good article.

as everyone knows, website optimization process, we must pay attention to the content of the website optimization, in addition to the content of original we also analysis the user experience, many website content construction is Shanghai dragon er a headache problem, in fact, in my opinion according to the content of the construction of our own ideas, their understanding of the company’s products and services to do. We will be able to write a good article, then, what should we do?

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