Don’t go to the web page effects lost Shanghai Dragon

focus map because of its "save space, the effect of novel diversity, by many webmaster favorite. But most of the focus map are using flash or JS technology. For flash or JS to abandon the spider believe webmaster friends are very clear. While the focus map is often updated frequently. The spider is more popular in the area of frequent updates, but due to the flash index and JS content, so every time the spider come on an impulse which is how much return in low spirits, waste ah. Da Yu suggested that even if the use of the focus map, also try to use js+css, the output for a picture form. But should try to avoid the use of flash and jQuery.

"You can’t have focus map





sliding doors are not ultra link attribute tab. The spider is unable to perform js. So the spider can only crawl in the index, the default display content, and for none the content of none. Da Yu suggested that if it is necessary to use the sliding doors, because as far as the Settings tab or select hyperlink can display all the contents of the code for spiders index.

Flash, a navigation bar

four, AJAX without refreshing the page load

Flash navigation is Shanghai dragon taboo. Unless you are in pursuit of the visual effect of the pure flash station, otherwise it will not consider. The navigation bar is to attract the spider crawling is the most important part, with concise design, large font and bold style, can make the recognition of the importance of the spider, and then bring the effective index.


". Web page itself is a way to improve the user experience. But we do stand the ultimate aim is to hope that more people visit the site, and then to profit. Therefore, "Shanghai dragon effects and the pros and cons, everyone should have steelyard mind. Da Yu saw a lot of web interface design beautiful, magnificent effects, but it is too horrible to look at rankings and flow. The following the author summarizes several commonly used to Shanghai dragon "effects, for reference.

sliding doors also save space ". But before we must look at the source code.

Most of the


love Shanghai Shanghai dragon suggestions mentioned spiders don’t support for Ajax, because AJAX is asynchronous Javascript and XML. The JS does not support creating a spider for Ajax does not favor. Have to admit, AJAX brought hitherto unknown user experience for us. But with infra>

sliding door The advantages of

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