Talk about Sogou promotion can bring us much economic value

domestic Internet search market, love Shanghai overwhelmingly occupy the peak, is regarded as the world’s largest search — such as Google to seize foreign households China love Shanghai king of the throne, so you see love Shanghai auction are very expensive, even so, the medium and small businesses or individuals have opened in Shanghai for promotion or love undoubtedly, the love of Shanghai is the biggest winner in the Internet Chinese, in the latest 2011 "new fortune" 500 richest people in Shanghai love CEO Robin Li in fortune 47 billion ranked second, visible love Shanghai really extraordinary development. The rapid growth of it, breaking a lot of entrepreneurs or executives on the unknown Internet, says big, say the new market is small, some of the old enterprises for decades even far from being love like Shanghai network company to mercilessly lashed back, not a bit ashamed. Therefore, the development of the Internet in the modern enterprise operation and development plays a key role, absolutely should not be overlooked, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to rely on the Internet search engine, fast marketing, market promotion.

today Qingdao Shanghai dragon is not intended to talk about love Shanghai, but to talk about Sogou Sogou promotion, promotion can bring much economic value to us. That morning, Sogou promotion customer service through the Qingdao wedding network to find me, ask me if I want to join Sogou promotion plan, general search by keywords is the promotion of traditional bidding pay per click, and this is to promote the promotion of Sogou package way. The traditional auction pay per click promotion can set up multiple keywords, as long as the money in the account can be arbitrarily set the number of keywords, but this is only a Sogou promotion bag of words a year, such as "Qingdao wedding photography" the keywords pack year costs are divided into 5000, 4000, 3000, 1500 and four levels, the high price of course on the position, and by the picture show, no matter how many times you user clicks advertising anyway a year up to 5000 dollars promotion fee, in fact the promotion of a supposedly Sogou is not expensive, want to know the love of Shanghai bidding is 5000, but the question is, why love is so expensive in Shanghai there are so many promotion enterprises or individuals have joined, as Sogou search alliance or some other low price but not much added, the main reason is that the Sogou promotion can bring us How much economic value or that we can earn back? Let Qingdao Shanghai dragon make an analysis, see Sogou promotion have much value.

said several major domestic search engine we first thought is to love Shanghai, then like search, Sogou, Youdao search users generally know far less, use them is little, of course, as a webmaster or engage in Shanghai Longfeng work friends must know, if you don’t know that several major search alliance too OUT, it was a big joke.

at present, like my Qingdao wedding network has been in the search engine rankings are relatively good, basically the website main keywords are arranged to the home page, abandon other search alliance does not say, look at the love Shanghai, from several main >

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