Arsene the common problems of Shanghai dragon 100 quiz series a

four, Shanghai dragon Er: collection tools, pseudo original plug-in, the group chain station group software and tools you can use these tools? Do you use

answer: quality attention to purchase link links, outbound links too much, too popular, garbage links, search engine at the site on the link is not recommended to buy a budget plan, strong commercial website, the chain construction method of conversion rate is relatively high words to buy links or very is worth doing, it is quick, but the operation space is large.

three, Shanghai dragon Er Q: my client’s site is flash site, this station how to optimize the good effect of

two, Shanghai dragon Er: Admin5 and Chinaz in the submission of this kind of website, on top of a domain name, but no hyperlinks, such transfer of effective weight? On other releases so


A: this contribution can increase the love Shanghai related domain, can how can raise some weight, certainly not with hyperlink function. The press release is more brand promotion, increase exposure, Shanghai dragon weight transfer times.

five, Shanghai dragon Er asked: now the gold link can also buy? What links to purchase the appropriate

?Answer: ?

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in optimizing the construction of the chain is social network marketing, which is obviously part of micro-blog, there is a certain positive effect. But specific to see what micro-blog and micro-blog platform, content form and quality.

, Shanghai dragon Er asked: what is the micro-blog marketing help to optimize

flash site especially ZhengZhan flash production, little space station adjustment, optimize work basis, put a lot of time and energy in the construction of the chain.

? ?Answer:

answer: These are non white hat optimization techniques, mainly to replace part of the manual workload, less than the artificial or natural effects. Sam’s view is generally not recommended the use of others will not object to others using these tools, a double-edged sword with good can indeed improve the effect, but the actual situation is a lot of people and a lot of standing dead on these tools. Finally, if you are Shanghai dragon new to Er, is not recommended to play, one will change the mentality of quick success, and is not conducive to long-term development, two new experience, these tools play big risk.

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