Love Shanghai reincluding Taobao page Taobao off the growing role of desalination

          love Shanghai as a domestic search engine. In recent years, began to get involved in e-commerce, the PPC business also has a considerable portion of the market from the electronic commerce and the Taobao shop, therefore launched Ali and Taobao’s direct competition. When Taobao screen love Shanghai spiders, causes outside that is part of the search engine is to eliminate shielding bad business fraud. Love will be directed at the Shanghai search and ppc. Love Shanghai said the reason why Taobao will shield love Shanghai spider is because the C2C trading platform afraid the upcoming Shanghai love Shanghai has brought competition ah. When the two sides should say two reasons each one sticks to his argument, there are. Does Shanghai search and PPC will help users through the search engine to taobao贵族宝贝 goods, but the search engine optimization cheating and pay PPC also give users bring misleading, let Taobao business cheating fraud channel. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai as the search leader promotion ah, bring a direct threat to Taobao, if included in the love of Shanghai included in the direct push ah love Shanghai products deliberately suppressed the Taobao page, Taobao does harm. Triggering the love between Taobao and Shanghai’s "war for many reasons".

recently a number of owners to stationmaster net admin5贵族宝贝 broke the news, said the Shanghai love again after a lapse of three years reincluding taobao贵族宝贝 page. The site instruction can be found, love Shanghai really reincluding Taobao search results, 280 thousand, the first six pages for taobao贵族宝贝’s products and Taobao mall famous shop of the two domain names, and behind the pages indexed by Taobao store. Start. The snapshot, mostly in mid August and early September the latest. By viewing the taobao贵族宝贝 robots.txt can be found, for the love of Taobao spider is still in the state of Shanghai. Basically you can determine the love sea has reopened unilaterally included on Taobao page. As a domestic Internet giant two, love Shanghai and Ali has been competing in e-commerce. 08 years taobao贵族宝贝 announced shielding love Shanghai spiders, love Shanghai also banned the collection of Taobao page response. When the Internet arouses a great disturbance, love Shanghai reincluding Taobao page, has aroused widespread concern in the circle.

Public opinions are divergent. reasons

for the love of Shanghai Taobao included the reopening, the station is also Public opinions are divergent. Some owners said that the love of Shanghai in recent years in the area of electronic commerce in Shanghai have poor performance, love has also been closed, thus shielding Taobao also included no great significance. Is the station that currently open Internet represent the general trend have also been launched in Shanghai, and love their own open platform, taobao贵族宝贝 search traffic is huge, open Taobao included is also good for the love of Shanghai. Even the webmaster speculation may Taobao and love in Shanghai reached a settlement, but from the Taobao robots.>

love Shanghai again after a lapse of three years included Taobao

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