Keywords to the site selection is a branch of knowledge

first, must grasp the correlation.

believe that the webmaster friends do when the site will have a plan, a purpose, is also the site we made out of what is, is used to find a partner, to find customers, or buy their products and so on, we just bought a piece of land, we use it to building a house or a vegetable, the first to grasp the direction in large areas, and then slowly subdivision, is later site columns, typesetting, put what website and so on, this is what we call the correlation grasp, identify the focus of the web site where the central idea, then all around this the central idea to start, so that we can ensure that our website is not running in the future development process, we also choose to the site keywords to focus hold website The site is what industry we choose keywords related industries, only do so when our website online, search engine will think of our site theme and content consistent with the strong correlation, will leave a good impression in the search engine there, that we later do when keywords ranking play a multiplier the effect of.

second index, low words will have a spring.


many webmaster website when due to over confidence when choosing keywords habitually choose some high index keywords, while ignoring some relatively low index words, resulting in the website optimization is difficult to pick up early every day, the webmaster query >

to complete the above a series of steps, we need to do most is the keyword ranking to make up, this is a key and difficult problem, many people will concentrate on how to do the above ranking, and when choosing keywords without careful analysis of discretion, resulting in site selection and site theme keywords related or selected too difficult to do keywords and so on, that is to say this game in the first step is to go wrong, in the website optimization in this way, even if you spend more effort, in the latter part of the optimization and excellent technical mastery often fail to achieve the desired effect, this is what I think the first is to do the optimization selection of keywords, here I come to a few points to share several options often need to pay attention to the website keywords.

web site keywords ranking can be said to be a website affect the rise and fall of the key, in recent years with the Shanghai Dragon technology is more and more people understand, more and more people to optimize their own website promotion by Shanghai Dragon technology, which leads to the key word in all walks of life to fierce competition, enterprises spend big price to please some of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er to promote and optimize their own website, as is the site to more traffic, website keywords to get a good ranking, but the ranking of words and web traffic is complementary, website ranking is good, so when users search for relevant content on the search engine will be very easy to come to your website, so you know the products and services, purchase behavior.

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