Most of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er love weight mistake

then look at my home, whether included;

What is the meaning of love Shanghai Love is love Shanghai Shanghai

how to correctly determine the weight of

home have not reached the requirements included, the weight of 1, so the data you believe? I don’t believe that, as for why the home is not included, because a few days ago the site closed down the right, arguably in Shanghai love weight algorithm, the cumulative weight loss already, but check the webmaster tool data but more than 3 IP, is very unreasonable.

1. included the length of time: from some large web sites is not difficult to find some high weight platform included are very good, even if it is a copy of the old content, as long as a paste up, after a few minutes you can reach the second, so it shows the love of Shanghai trust on the site is already very high; and for some new sites or low weight website, published articles and short one or two weeks, as long as three May will show included, which shows Website Trust still stays in the primary, still need the cumulative weight, we can try to publish a high quality articles on its website, and then look at the collection time on closing day within.

for love Shanghai weight, more friends care about how to improve the Shanghai love weight, how to improve the site traffic, but if you truly understand the love of Shanghai weight? Do you think love Shanghai weight and how come? Today, Cen Huiyu to their point of view to express their understanding of love Shanghai weight think again, not welcome;


weight of trust on a web site, the higher the weight, the higher the degree of trust, the natural ranking will be better, the weight of many friends know, are standing nets or Adsense tools check out the weight from love, before a friend took a website to see me for a week, how do 1 of the weight, I looked at the results, only included a home page, but in the webmaster tools query is the weight, the reason is because there is a keyword index detection ranking, but I according to the keywords to search, did not find the word ranking, for this situation, I can only laugh;


first look at a real case, let you see why I don’t want you too dependent on the webmaster tools data, such as a map is my website, the detection result is estimated on the weights of 1, IP is 3, on the general enterprise station, you can take it to estimate the flicker boss;

love Shanghai


for love Shanghai weight, is very difficult to ponder over, a lot of people don’t know how to judge whether Shanghai love enough to trust a website, usually only third party tools, check out the weights for such weights, I don’t think it should be called love Shanghai weight, should be called the webmaster webmaster tools to check the weight; the weight is only for reference;

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