The training aims to strengthen the collective website revision user experience

New Oriental

part of the study site, found that most study sites are still the leading article for at home, forced to hang on the slide, recommended reading headlines etc.. Forced receiving mode, can let users feel boring. Education is not equivalent to the station station, each one of the site’s users are seeking something, you think your website can provide what information.

as shown below:

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in the summer, the composition class websites usually search for fake.

2, analysis of For example,


1, improve the site’s conversion rate of

233 online home page navigation column

sites which is based on the traditional recommend their training courses for profit driven line line. In case of New Oriental, and relates to the field of study, including PubMed, primary and secondary school examination, each of the categories below, and contains a number of small categories. How to let the user most quickly find the resources they want, how to let users know what resources are free, which is free of charge. Do not allow users to waste time on the site, or you will lose them. Good navigation, good website search engine improves the efficiency of user clicks, is undoubtedly the weapon to retain users.

Education station is very concerned about the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is half of the time in the study of words, we can love station, webmaster tools to inquires, also can take the love of Shanghai index to reference, but for the website, more direct way is your site users click. What are in the investigation site search, click search in which column, using these words to do keyword optimization, will be less. We all know that love Shanghai click algorithm, how to do precision marketing, and this is a reason.

site in order to reduce the weight of revision, improve the user experience, what is the effect of this

training website is an important branch of education websites, as well as the medical industry, Shanghai love of education industry in the several upgrades also special care. After two rounds of a major reshuffle, found that various training sites have taken corresponding measures. One of the biggest change is on the home page and column page navigation part and search for the revision.

The change of New Oriental ? The author examines the other

data, allowing users to become your Shanghai dragon vane


page navigation column

, in addition to make us feel some website become the atmosphere, there are many small details, such as the search box in the website logo, increase user interaction column, on the site of hot section identification and so on. The optimization and upgrading, let us feel the development direction of Education station, began to user centric, rather than to promote training service center.

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