Love Shanghai to find the website snapshot weight in the baidu

We can see through the

snapshot update, we know that the spider is on the site which part of grasping the content, so that we can control the contents of the snapshot, when we want to change the baidu snapshot, just.

4, by the snapshot to control the contents of the snapshot

1, by the snapshot can reflect the degree of concern

2, the snapshot can reflect whether the site is in love with the sea down the right treatment

Describe the text through

spider web crawling to what information as a snapshot of the description of the

site in Baidu

in the baidu system, good quality of the website is updated every day, we can see the rankings good website, basically can reflect the law, but not to be optimistic about the website, the snapshot is not updated for a long time, the same site keywords ranking is not good to go the more high weight website, Baidu are concerned, every day to update, and included a certain number of quality articles.

love Shanghai snapshot, I want him for our website what it means to know Shanghai Longfeng, of course, some people don’t pay attention to this snapshot, when we finally after a long struggle, the word will promote to the desired position, when the website ranking stable, it must at any time love Shanghai snapshot, because the snapshot time can keep us informed of the degree of attention to the site in Baidu, in a certain sense, the weight is Baidu response to our website. Let Baidu every day to pay attention to the website, fill the content of the website is very important and necessary to have the quality of articles within the chain update, website design, structure design, the URL address of the optimization, the chain and Links station are very important. Therefore, a website operator must pay attention to every detail, a snapshot of the site is also important, Baidu can give us a snapshot of time response of many problems.

website is a snapshot every few days, good quality of the website is a snapshot of the day and update. When your website snapshot has been normal, but one day you suddenly find the website snapshot stop updating, this time we should pay more attention to the. Why your website is not updated, in fact, the reason is very simple, Baidu has given you a warning, you may have no recent update, no quality is worth Baidu to update, or you are too much optimization, leading to Baidu on your site were temporary, this time do not careless, should conscientiously do what their attorney recently, if there is an error promotion place should be promptly corrected, otherwise it will begin to drop right, ranking will decline slowly, until the station was K.


snapshot spider is the place in which access to our website information, and as the text updates into a snapshot, spider, information extraction rule is described, a web page is "

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