Love is not love Shanghai reflection into the sandbox after one month

industry in the summary, the snapshot is slow, included less, low ranking is down right, right down to the recovery period rapidly, most will recover in a few days or half a month; and, not included in the new ranking is entered sandbox performance. As for the love Shanghai sandbox period is long, there is no clear conclusion, but most people agree the 30 day to the 120 day period. For those who have not returned half ranking website, it is very likely that your website content is not enough, love Shanghai has completely abandoned it.

also love Shanghai and fell in love with Hisense office sandbox seems a little coincidence in concept, but people tend to trust for this time period of one or two months after the establishment of the station, this time from the website home page to be included in the page, love Shanghai to the railway station in Shanghai to test; love sandbox people tend to think that, because of the website or other changes caused by the attention of search engines, which will be placed on the website ranking, it is not a simple ranking, site changes were observed by this way.

I love Shanghai site into the sand box is not taken, the structure and the content instead you can also use this time to adjust the site, anyway have no rankings, so do not worry about what the site will affect the flow adjustment. If we can use this period of time will be the site of the optimization is not standard specification, then after the sandbox period it is possible to get a good ranking.

of course, these words are comforting words, the following is simple how I love is not the standard adjustment optimization. I hope to enter the website also love Shanghai sandbox webmaster help.

love is not no ranking, I started to think about is Links, because they increase the chain is regular, there will not be much problem; indeed, I found the view Links May 4th exchange to a station link, or PR2 station link. The station is simply link each page to the site you are Links, this is equivalent to you increase thousands or even tens of thousands of the chain. Why? Because I found love net YAHOO chain directly from hundreds of thousands to increase, which illustrates that the station link can rapidly increase the chain. For the love of Shanghai, tens of thousands of overnight increase outside the chain of high quality means death. I think this is love.

According to the But

network is not love without love since May 6th Shanghai ranked, but included snapshot, is still very good, still maintains the reprint articles within a minute included records; but even included again soon, and no new snapshot, ranking all efforts to close to zero. Some time ago I looked at a variety of information, this is the beginning of love Shanghai officially confirmed the sandbox performance.

for new sites for half a month, ranking has dropped a great suffering, not to mention there is no ranking for several months, this is not the re establishment of the station, about two months and can get enough good rankings. Although I want to re station, but after a lot of thought decided to actively look for reasons to enter the sandbox, ranking and site restoration efforts.

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