How to use the data in the operation optimization analysis to understand user behavior and enhance t

Let’s take a look at the

first, the analysis of user behavior on website article clicks. The author thinks that whether an article has value, not as they think that their writing is the high value of the article, this is obviously biased, it is mainly according to the user behavior to diagnosis and analysis, here the author recommended practice is to look at the number of clicks, generally by the enterprise station as an example many sites are the network developed by the company, in the process of developing itself to the statistical website article clicks, do not underestimate this function, a small function can help us clear analysis of each article clicks, we look at the below.

icon this heat map is analysis of data on the day, the heat we can clearly see the web page click 17 times, page views of 32, in which the author marked with a red circle is that the user clicks the most, most concentrated in key areas of concern, we get to this icon the conclusion is that academic exchanges, security products, contact is indicated marked pale yellow, that these places are the most concentrated areas of concern, through the user click behavior we can adjust the distribution of optimization methods, such as the user for academic knowledge is concerned, we find this industry pilfering valuable academic works, including the celebrity and academic hot topic, increase writing efforts, product display column, not words Yu, the company’s new product trends in time.

the above article is the author is responsible for a enterprise site, click the number we can clearly see that the number of points in comparison, we can do is click rate according to the topic of strengthening creative efforts, can take into account the number of update frequency and, for clicks fewer articles we gradually reduce the scope of writing to do so, the purpose is to provide valuable information for the user, make the website article from the theme more in line with the user’s reading taste, this is undoubtedly enhance the user experience to improve user viscosity small skills.

second, the use of statistical thermodynamic diagram to analyze the Shanghai love website click of.



site operation and maintenance in the process of optimization, the author sums up the three stages, the first stage is the new station on the line after the release of the spider web content to cultivate a sense of trust, the second phase included the quantity increase, the chain website weight content of the construction of both phases of ascension, after the third phase of ascension website weight, keywords ranking stable maintenance period the author, and to explore the theme of today is on the site after the weight stable period how to analyze user behavior and enhance the user experience with the data, and thus the stability of the weight and website ranking, the Xi’an Lantian jade network has been pursuing the optimization of such ideas, the main keywords Lantian jade has the stable location in Shanghai love home for the first 2 years well, we continued to analyze the short.

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