Those who are still ranking outsourcing enterprises you are cheating made

some sinister outsourcing companies, optimization will not give you to do core words, although they have such fees regulations, but when you really choose to do, will be a variety of reasons for customers to "guide", as the saying goes: choose the long tail word, better spend less, has good effect, accurate do rankings.


cheating means: three false flow word, does not exist or the weight of


cheating means two: not standard optimization, not up to no loss of

is the inside pages, and some of the outsourcing company, let you use the home page to do such a ranking, can say is: Waste in order to achieve the purpose of use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

cheating means: to vigorously promote the low degree of competition long tail word


said some outsourcing, we can ensure that the weight of at least 3 months from 0 to 3, or 3-5. Indeed some of the powerful strength of the team can do. But that does not mean that all companies can do. But basically is to fish in troubled waters. Do the outsourcing industry now is very disorderly! Well, or the actual plans to speak:

do you really think that you spend a little money, others will give you every day to do updates, promotion chain, modify the station problem? In fact, most companies have a point: the mass of the chain, station links, to take rank for you, it will go up, not to give you a refund directly! This loss is not much human.

for example: "from Xuzhou to Zhangjiajie tourist routes, such words? From the fall in love with the sea, there are a lot of promotion in. But this does not mean that the word "hot", but for accurate delivery. At the same time look at:


we look at an example:

in fact result? Such words are basically will give you up to do, but often is "keywords, keywords No one shows any interest in" no competition! You can count on these words, how much of the "customer" for you?

read? To know is to understand, if you don’t understand, this technology did not do in-depth explanation! Really do good site, will not do such cooperation, sacrifice the long-term interests of the website, in exchange for temporary "prosperity"


didn’t want to write such a topic, every industry has its value. As the "outsourcing" ranking, pay someone to do promotion ranking. But the actual final effect? Scanty effective, money is playing water ticket is ignorant, even said: "take the money, you should be worth it!" but you really is cheating,



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