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, find articles:

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three, the content of the text.


people first glance to see things, we must pay attention to time! Before I wrote the title did not pay attention to what, but after leading the guidance of my colleagues improved. I use the title of what is the mission type, questioning and praise contrast, I think the title question will give the reader leave space to think, and cause interest in reading is a good way. Because I edit is a professional high Shanghai hefil project, hefil is filter industry, relatively strong professional, so the title should also be more formal, to give people a more professional feel, convincing. In some kind of filter performance in the article, I will use in the title "experts say……", "XX enterprises said……" and other words, enhance the professional feeling. Of course, there are many headline methods I have not used, but also need to continue learning.

The title is

we write "pseudo original" article, so the article is the first step for writing ah, I used is mainly in the competitor’s website or related industry site to find the most, seldom go to try, because the website resources or a lot, I don’t think it’s necessary to find. But after a period of writing, I found that these resources are similar, must find some new methods. So, I give my experience to others, starting from the news portal website, download e-books these methods, especially books I feel really good ah, a book there are a lot of content, can be separated to edit several articles, or you can download some part of each interception together, so the effect is good.

two, the title of the article writing:


What is the mission of the title:


1, the first paragraph.

used when writing a composition that pendulous is the most important, of course, make no exception. Soft Wen should pay attention to user experience, so the first section I have created, may start to spend time, but after a relatively long time editing has accumulated several methods commonly used in the beginning. It filters, I generally use "as everyone knows, China’s environment…"… ", with the development of economy, water environment pollution… Like…" at the beginning, these are relatively common, for general environmental articles can, other than the more special is further editing.

praised the title:

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