The Weirdest And Worst Lara Croft Fan Art

first_imgSince her introduction in 1996’s Tomb Raider, Lara Croft has risen to the position of one of gaming’s most iconic heroines. Toting a pair of pistols, the busty archaeologist explored stunning environments, shot dinosaurs and generally inserted herself into the pop culture pantheon. A big enough name to anchor multiple big-budget Hollywood films, Croft’s badass attitude and polygonal sex appeal has also inspired metric tons of fan art.And, because the world is cruel, some of that amateur art is very weird. People use Lara’s nubile form to work out all sorts of bizarre fetishes and unsanitary ideas. It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for a fictional character. To celebrate the new Alicia Vikander Tomb Raider film, we dove deep into the archives to pull out multiple selections of the weirdest and worst Lara Croft fan art we’ve ever seen.View as: One Page Slides1. Egyptic AdventuresI had to go back and check but that box that Lara’s dipping her feet into is full of, according to the artist, quicksand. Which, sure, it looks a lot like cat pee, but what would be the problem with getting your feet in quicksand? It’s not like she can drown in that little box.2. The Urn Of HumiliationLara Croft can get out of just about any jam, but this eager artist theorizes that her foes can incapacitate her with a simple jar over the head. Get it? Jam? Jar? Because jam comes in…. forget it. Go on to the next slide.3. Booty RaiderGamers in the late 90s spent many an hour gazing at Lara’s sweet cheeks as she jumped and climbed, so it’s not surprising that today’s fan artists have chosen to make her… a little thiccer than she used to be.4. Lara FartingWe’ve all been there, right? We eat a big beefy bean burrito before spelunking deep into the ancient Aztec tomb and when we’re clinging desperately to a craggy cliff the gas just… yikes. You can tell this artist has drawn a lot of fart clouds in their time.5. In The Greek RuinsIt’s nice that Lara has time to catch some rays in between her globetrotting adventures, but there are some… questionable anatomical choices going on here.6. Male LaraIt’s instructive to think about what a male action hero would look like if the same attention was paid to his sexual characteristics. This drawing speculates a Larry Croft would boast bulging pecs, beefy thighs and a hell of a package.7. Midriff VacuumThe thing about compiling these fan art roundups is that I learn about fetishes I had no idea existed. This artist has hundreds of drawings of fictional characters using their belly buttons as vacuums to suck up water, food or in Lara’s case treasure.8. The Tomb RaiderThis is a pretty terrifying and nightmarish portrait of our heroine. Just check out the vascularity on that hand!9. Alluring LaraThis one’s great because it’s obvious the person who draw it really took their time on the boobs and the guns and then when they got to the waist they just decided to let the chips fall where they may. I’d hate to be her orthopedic surgeon.10. The TrophyI tried to shy away from 3D renderings of Lara Croft because there’s just so Goddamned many of them and they all kind of run together after a while, but I had to make an exception for this deeply weird image.11. Bacon LaraBacon LaraOne of the oddest adversaries Lara Croft faces in the series came at the end of the first game when she encountered a skinless doppelganger that fans quickly dubbed “Bacon Lara.” Isn’t she lovely?12. Cleaning TimeThere’s a bizarre focus on Lara Croft’s bellybutton in a lot of this fetish art – I think it’s because she explores caves and caverns, and the navel is the closest thing we have to that on the human body (besides the butthole, but this is a PG-13 site).13. Lara’s FootslaveA lot to take in on this one, from Lara Croft’s toe rings (who wears those?) to the ankh and gun that don’t seem to be very helpful when you’re getting your soles licked by your footslave. Is there a Wikipedia page for this guy?14. Sloppy LaraIt’s really great that this artist took the time to write “Lara Croft” on their drawing because, to be frank, I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here. Can anybody update me as to when Lara got a dog’s tail?15. Lara’s RimmerflationYes, there is plenty of Lara Croft inflation art out there. But this is the only piece I’ve ever seen that boasts a cameo appearance from cult British schi-fi show Red Dwarf’s Arnold Rimmer. Why? That’s a mystery for the ages.16. Sweaty Stinky FeetYes, it’s logical that a day of adventuring would result in Lara Croft’s feet getting pretty gross inside her boots. But do we really need to see the sweat so intricately detailed? I guess somebody does.17. Lara Croft In TroubleIt’s only a matter of time before the next generation of Tomb Raiders springs upon us, as Lara takes her position as matriatch of Croft House. But if she ever does get knocked up, we can hope it won’t look this intensely weird. I know there’s a lot to think about in this picture, but yikes, those fingers.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.AdChoices广告last_img

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