Prosecution Continues Crossexamination of Sabally

first_imgBy Rohey Jadama The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Hadi Saleh Bakum, yesterday, 1 July, continued the cross examination of Mr. Momodou Sabally, theerstwhile Secretary General and Minister for presidential Affairswho is standing trial before Justice Emmanuel Amadi of the Banjul High Court.The accused was represented by Antouman Gaye, whilst the DPP appearedfor the state.“You did not want to tell your boss the truth that the vehicles werefor sale?” said the DPP“I disagree with your statement because I had already told my boss thetruth that the vehicles were presented as donations to him,” saidSabally.“You did not tell your boss that the purported donation was associatedwith a business deal as it was purportedly presented to you by PW10?”ask the Chief prosecutor.Sabally said, “The cars were presented as gifts for donation to the presidentwithout any conditions attached and they were accepted as such?”“If the cars were for donation why did you not care to ask for thetitle deed from PW10?” ask  the DPP.“The office I was running was a very busy office as such  most of myresponsibilities were delegated and as heard in evidence the keys werehanded to Lieutenant Colonel Ansumana Tamba in the presence of Ndoyeand I expected him to surrender anything related to the vehicle to himhenceforth,” said the former SG.“Did you delegate Ansumana Tamba to collect the title deeds?” enquired the DPP.“Yes, I delegated Tamba to receive the keys and everything related tothe vehicle, including the title deeds,” said SaballyDPP asked, “Could it be that because of your busy schedule you did not have timeto attend to PW10 when  presented exhibit P7 and P8?” “These exhibitswere never presented to me.”DPP asked, “Did you remember telling this court that PW1 brought an envelopebut you told him that you have a number of documents on yourdesk and that you will get back to him?” Sabally responded, “An envelope was presented tome and I decline receiving it because was too many documents on mydesk and I feared losing it.”DPP asked, “Are you are saying that that you decline to take the envelope because ofyour busy schedule?” Sabally answered, “No am not saying that, this was a weekend andthe records clerk were not in court for reasons of safety andprocedure. I always receive documents through the records office.”DPP added, “I’m putting it to you that you knew what PW1 was bringing to youearlier, as the same document was brought to you by PW10 because youhad made up your mind to scuttle the sales transaction because you didnot want to hear about it.” Sabally answered, “I disagree with you because there is noway I can know the content of the sealed envelope, at that time no salewas mentioned and  I had no intention to scuttle any sale and I didnot remember PW10 giving me any envelope.”DPP asked, “I’m putting it to you that the issue of the cars were for sale fromthe inception?” Sabally answered, “No the cars were never meant for sale from thebeginning.”DPP added, “The deal of the purported donation was your misrepresentation?” Sabally answered, “Nothe cars were meant for donation and that is the truth.”Mr. Sabally while still responding to questions from the DPP told thecourt that he has a dual relationship with Lamin Manga, the formerDirector of Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS).He added that Mr. Manga used to receive official instructions from himand report back to him. He added that Miss Mariama Sillah was anacquaintance and that she was introduced to him by Mr. Manga purposelyfor the transaction.When asked whether he knows the relationship between Manga and Ms.Sillah,  Sabally responded in the negative.“How close were you with Mr. Graham, the Managing Director of SocialSecurity and Housing Finance Corporation?” asked the DPP.“We have professional and official relationships,” responded Sabally.“Why did you take it upon yourself to introduce Ms. Sillah to Mr.Graham?” asked the DPP.“Because the project she presented to me (Youth Career development)was relevant to national development and the institution Mr. Grahamheads is also for national development?” responded the former SG.“Do you have any ministry of youth in this country?” asked the DPP.Sabally responded in the positive.DPP asked, “Why did you not forward her request to the ministry of youths andsports?” Sabally answered, “I thought they did not have the capacity to meet herassistance for the project.”Sabally said he presented the issue to the MD of SSHFC by phone andthat he did not write to him formally knowing fully well that he wasnot giving any instruction from his office.He was asked whether that was in line with his purview as SG.“I was not acting in my capacity as SG but as a concerned youngGambian interested in youth development and that Manga presented Ms.Sillah to him so that he could help and that he had a relationshipwith MD SSHFC during my tenure as Budget Director under the ministryof finance and I did not know any relationship between Manga andGraham,” said the former SG.At this stage, exhibit P1A was shown to him and the DPP asked himwhether he stated there that he was acting as a concerned youngGambian and not in his capacity as SG.“It is not explicitly stated there,” replied Sabally.The case will resume on Monday 6 June 2015 for continuation ofcross-examination.]]>last_img

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