ioSafe uses Indiegogo to fund disasterproof home NAS

first_imgSecure data storage has become something all of us have to deal with (or not at our peril) on a regular basis. Be it storage of important images or video, work files, or just general backups “just in case.” A popular way to carry out such data storage is through a cloud service such as Carbonite or Mozy, or if you want more flexibility there’s Dropbox or everyone is happy to trust a service to protect their data in a datacenter, so they turn to Network Attached Storage (NAS) instead, and keep their data on-site. ioSafe is a small company that specializes in this kind of data storage, but offers it in enclosures that are fireproof, waterproof, even bulletproof, and come with data recovery services. However, it’s far from a cheap way to keep your data safe.For their latest NAS, ioSafe is taking a different approach to funding and selling the device. The ioSafe N2 is being offered on Indiegogo with a number of perks in return for your contribution.The N2 is advertised as a disaster-proof private cloud NAS. The N2 enclosure protects up to 8TB of data stored in RAID configuration across two hard drives from the extremes. You can expect to remove a still-working N2 after being consumed in a 1,550 degree Fahrenheit fire, or that has been submerged in either fresh or salt water for up to 72 hours. In other words, it’s going to survive most home and office flooding or fires.Alongside the two hot-swappable drive bays inside you’ll find a 2GHz processor and 512MB RAM running the Synology DSM operating system and managing access to your data. That means the N2 isn’t just a data store, it’s a complete cloud service device. You can store and stream pictures, music, and video, control access to different types of data in the home and over the web, and do so on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can even treat the N2 just like Dropbox, but without any of the associated fees.Acquiring an 8TB private cloud in your home or business isn’t cheap, though. ioSafe need to raise $150,000 to reach their Indiegogo goal, and although you can pledge as little as $1, you won’t get an N2 for less than $499. That’s early bird pricing too, with the MSRP being $599 before you add hard drives.If the N2 is out of your price range there are a number of perks worth considering still. $49 gets you $100 off a 1TB ioSafe Rugged Portable (usually $249.99), and $99 earns you $200 off a 2TB Solo G3 external hard drive (usually $299.99). That’s quite a discount.If you’ve got a lot of really important data to backup and you don’t want to trust it to a cloud service, then $499 for the N2 might be a worthwhile investment. For everyone else, the discounts on ioSafe’s cheaper storage devices are worth taking a look at and considering contributing for.More at Indiegogolast_img

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