For a limited time Sprint will buy your old iPhone for 100

first_imgSprint is apparently looking to lure in more current iPhone owners that are fed up with the increasingly troublesome data caps on other carriers. Starting May 18th, iPhone users on AT&T and Verizon are encouraged to bring their device into a Sprint store to receive a $100 credit on a new iPhone 4S with an unlimited data plan.Taking your device into the physical store is the most convenient way to take advantage of this deal. You will get the $100 off on the spot with a new contract on the iPhone 4S. If you prefer to make your phone purchases without the aid of human salespeople, you can buy a new iPhone then request a shipping label to send off the old one to get a guaranteed $100 account credit in 2-3 billing cycles.You may be wondering about the economics of this deal. Does it make financial sense to trade in your current iPhone for $100? Well, that depends. If you’ve got an iPhone 3GS, it almost certainly makes sense. A good condition iPhone 4 might be worth quite a bit more if sold on Craigslist. Although, Sprint doesn’t seem to be too concerned with the condition of the old device as long as it is functional. In fact, Sprint has confirmed that even if the device is appraised at under $100, it will make up the difference.The simplicity might be the most compelling reason to go this route. You stroll into the store, trade in your phone, get $100 off your new one, and you’re out the door. That puts the cost of a new iPhone 4S at $99 for the 16GB model. Sprint says the new device has to activated by 7/3/12 to be eligible for the program, and if you are sending in the old phone by mail, that has to be done by 8/14/12.via Sprintlast_img

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