HTC teases Verizon Wireless 4G Android phone

first_imgWe already knew full well that Verizon intends to unveil a slew of new LTE capable smartphones during January’s CES, and we’d already been tipped that one of those phones might be an HTC Android handset.Now, though, it looks like HTC is hinting pretty hard that they have a 4G smartphone to show us in a couple weeks time, thanks to a new promotional site.The new teaser site prominently features a draped smartphone at the top of the page. Next to this draped phone, the copy reads “The first to 4G again” and invites users to “Find out on January 6” by entering their e-mail address.Underneath, HTC crows about their past glories in the 4G market, listing the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint and the HSPA+ compliant T-Mobile G2 as their preceding triumphs in the ultra-highspeed mobile space.It all seems pretty cut and dry, except for the fact that the promotional site isn’t actually registered to HTC, but rather to an Australian marketing company. So you may want to be a bit cautious about entering your e-mail address, in case this is all a scam, but it certainly looks legit.Read more at 2MyMoblast_img

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