Morocco’s Head of Government Makes Offer to Teacher Trainees

Rabat – Morocco’s Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane has taken a step back and reportedly been forced to make an offer to teacher trainees following the protests that resulted in the “excessive use of force” by the Moroccan police in several cities.Benkirane’s first concession is that the implementation of the decree separating the training of teachers from recruitment will be postponed until 2017, according to Arabic daily Assabah in its Tuesday issue.The daily added that the decision responds to the initiative launched by civilians, university professors, and human rights activists, who have called for postponing the decree until next year. Teacher trainees had already passed all the educational access process such as entrance examinations, results announcement at training centers this year before the announcement of the government decrees in the Official Gazette.Furthermore, the Moroccan government may create 3,000 additional job roles not covered by the 2016 fiscal year budget in order to solve budgetary issues.The 2016 fiscal budget stipulates that 7,000 job positions must be in existence in the public education sector, the same source noted.The government and the Ministry of Education are exploring the possibility of recruiting 3,000 teachers to fill the new positions through several procedures, including an amendment to the finance law and the opening of budget lines.

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