The Modi jacket that charmed the world

first_imgNarendra ModiPower, politics, style – the ‘Nehru jacket’ has signified all this and more in the world of diplomacy for more than half a century. The fitted coat that was synonymous with India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru created waves since its widespread popularity in the 1960s, and what was once considered a must-have for Congress loyalists has now frankly got a BJP tadka with PM Narendra Modi’s personal rendition to the design.It seemed to have taken a full-circle when Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott gifted PM Narendra Modi with a ‘Nehru jacket’ recently, the blueprint to Modi’s signature look that features a similar mandarin collar, snug fit and long row of buttons. In fact, BJP politicians have now adopted it as a uniform of sorts, with leaders insisting on sporting their loyalty and dapper tastes in the sleeveless cover, though it’s hardly a surprise that it has now been christened as the ‘Modi jacket’. What’s more, when Power Minister Piyush Goyal saw BJP spokesperson Anil Bulani without his ‘Modi jacket’ he quickly pointed out that it was time he got into the habit of wearing them for official events.Interestingly, this is not the first time that the ‘Nehru jacket’ has been the hottest trend du jour – the desi design gained momentum after Nehru was featured in Vogue magazine in 1964, and soon the ‘Mod’ generation and Swinging Sixties of London were lapping up the style like there’s no tomorrow.The simple and formal jacket that was worn by the Kashmiri pandit with a churidar and rose-bud for finishing touches, became the ‘in thing’ during the 60s’ in the West with vivid psychedelic prints running alongside basic ones. Leading the pack were British rock bands like The Beatles and the Monkees, while in American singers like Frank Sinatra sported it and Sammy Davis Jr. claimed to own 200 of them in his closet!advertisementIt’s evident that it’s not just rockstars and fashion icons that set fads for the world to follow. Every so often, red hot trends take a fashionable leaf from politics and set the ball rolling in a new direction with lan. We take a look at the evolution of this spiffy style.last_img

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