May 7, A.J. Baltes

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest There are a few guys who have gotten out to plant but we got more rain again. There are a handful of guys who have started planting around here but we haven’t started yet. Ground temperatures are still kind of cold. The forecast is calling for nice weather until Thursday, I believe, with warmer temperatures this week. It has been in the 70s and 80s but I checked ground temperature last week and it was only at 47 or 48 degrees. A lot of fertilizer is being spread. We have all of the wheat sidedressed and we have been getting the bulk fertilizer out. We are going to finish that and then start planting as long as the forecast holds. Further south I heard of more guys planting and there are some beans out already. We got a little rain right after we sidedressed. We got an inch Thursday into Friday and you could tell it made a big difference. The wheat greened right up. The hay looks pretty good. The guys with the triticale and the cereal rye that they are going to use for silage are hoping it gets a little more height to it before it heads out so they can get more tonnage. It is pretty short compared to where it normally is at this time of year. We probably won’t cut hay for another week or two. We still haven’t hooked up the corn planter yet. We have some corn from last year to haul out too before we plant. We’re hoping we can get the ground warmed up so we can get the crops out of the ground quickly. A lot of guys who planted early last year had a lot of replanting and they are waiting until the ground really warms up this year. This is still about normal for our area. We are always a couple of weeks behind the rest of Ohio.last_img

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