The website optimization need to analyze the data which

fifth: analysis of website chain included

to do the webmaster, do you know what data analysis of optimizing a website need attention? If you don’t know, that we are going to discuss the results of hope to engage in Shanghai Longfeng work to help bring friends.

sixth: PV, IP, analysis of the website UV data

analysis of the quality of the original articles is not only the quality analysis of the site within the update article, as well as analysis of the quality of the chain, because the original article quality will also affect the ranking, if a website is rich in content, and often update and has a group of high quality stable links, even if it is a day the group also is no risk. read more

Using Robots to solve the case included duplicate analysis

the meaning of this sentence is as long as the root directory of the link with " rss" is not indexed, unless your website will bring in the RSS page address is the three consecutive letters, this statement can solve this problem.

repetitive linksI use ?There are two methods to solve the

this is the price of

analysis which will produce

so I put a ban on the Robots search engine index statement:

such as 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/goods-1.html from=rss

display link

is the first link read more

A detailed explanation of the chain end which is good

now I summarize years of experience to explain the chain, hope to help novice friends. Forum signature think the effect is not obvious in my actual combat, only added to the link to love Shanghai, also known as the chain, but the actual effect is not big. If some can be added to the anchor text signature effect, or you can click directly into your website that is there, but it is important to note that you must check whether the forum joined the "nofollow". The anchor text is mainly done outside of Shanghai Longfeng chain source, the effect is good, suggest that you collect most of the high weight of the forum to write soft add anchor text, so you stand rankings very helpful. I think Links is included and ranking a best of the chain, because Links are basically in the home page, a site of the highest weight of the home page, so that Links is one of the most effective. For example, even if you are in a PR8 forum written over the article, but you know PR8 is the weight assigned to the weight it ZhengZhan, a sub page is almost very small. For the new station if it is to me then I will choose one side to add soft anchor text and their related webmaster exchange Links, like Shanghai will soon be included in your website or update your snapshot. The exchange links need to pay attention to what you can go to search related articles. read more

Do the chain website optimization website weight let fly

This point also believe that there is no doubt that the use of nofollow can play a big role in Shanghai dragon, the key lies in how to use, and for what purpose. Here we give new literacy: nofollow tag is the HTML code used in the link part, as long as the link code plus the "rel=nofollow", the search engine (except YAHOO) will think you do not transfer the weight to this page. In fact, Google is the search engine optimization proposal is home page links do not exceed 100 for the best, too much is easy to disperse page weight, resulting in no page ranking. And if in some places use the nofollow tag, it is equivalent to the partial weight redistribution of savings to other pages. read more

Network marketing the station optimization method for blood collection

the only station, there are the following:

in line with the idea of serving the people, a lot of good collection of useful articles. It’s not a big collided online. If you have the ability to do the original, is the theme of the site a bit of partial knowledge without the ability to find no time, such as some magazines and books on rich academic articles, some of the original but spared by many of the popular copy. Others are with purpose is search engine led around to your website, through your article they felt some kind of beauty, or with a doubt, they will be invisible to you good, virtually formed a kind of reputation pieces. If you for comprehensive understanding and recognition, is likely to contact you. read more

How to expand the horizons of Shanghai dragon pit jump correlation

sees a lot of articles for the association to do a systematic explanation and description, but I want to say is do a clothes shop is really only clothes and related site exchange links? If you really love to read Shanghai search engine that sentence will be found: the correlation is only a small factor to determine the site the user really recommend is an important factor in the website, imagine a website can only rely on the relationship between the development of


and webmaster friends do stand in groups or the blogosphere will do lots of relevant content, I have seen a station group of friends, he is in his guest cosmetics website, station group has more than 30 such cosmetics Amoy sites, these sites are indeed have correlation but want to be accepted Shanghai search engine easier said than done love? Only out of the pit correlation can make our stations more perfect, or when the love of Shanghai search engine’s these websites are falling in love with gross altitude. In addition we must learn to be creative in the website correlation, such as you are selling memory, why don’t we can expand, memory can do, I can not sell hard? Is a magic weapon of development is also out of the relationship between. read more

The web site is down right why happened to you

The optimization The

three, don’t try to do Shanghai dragon

collection is common in most of the webmaster, because people are inert and have love take some shortcuts to do what I want to, acquisition has not been recognized by search engines, that the acquisition is a website cheating way, so we in the update time try not to use a collection, because we have a website, in the end the use of collector one or two times caused by K and right down, I think the deal is not too good.

The importance of read more

Xu Jin the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng flow conversion rate

I have a friend that specializes in him is the knowledge flow conversion, he is doing business investment (large profit margins) of this website. Every flow around 100 is not much, but every day he has about 10 people consulting (the equivalent of 10 potential customers), every two days to reach an average of one month. 5 his website conversion rate (% of transactions of enterprise website conversion rate reached number = / website by clicks (i.e., the total number of visits), one thousand people) five people were quite good. Relative to their companies looking for customers salesman every month can reach several orders to comfortable, this is a world of difference, this is the Shanghai dragon can bring benefits. read more

The love of Shanghai bidding keywords on brand protection

was ignorant mind, so were stalking, and is owned by Gome Kuba stalking, really do not know is our luck, or we are lucky. Kuba should put our competitors into! Shame ah! No way, under pressure, only to find a solution. Some foreign friends search keywords, found Kuba only the Anhui and Shanghai regions bidding. Sure do this Kuba keyword bidding to the


check the information found, love has a brand protection Shanghai auction. Need to prepare some information: trademark information – Trademark Office to copy & business license copy – copy of the company, the Shanghai auction service information to love it. So I will contact the boss, the boss gave me an amazing reply, our brand did not apply for registration of a trademark, to check this trademark registered by others! Oh, this is in trouble! No way, which can do the bidding by the Kuba do beautiful to buy key words down network appliances read more

To the old Shanghai dragon Er article don’t look down on new Shanghai Dragon

first step: start on the layout of the site keywords, in an article on the "Shanghai dragon [] keywords combat pyramid structure layout" already mentioned, at present my keywords layout is not reasonable, we can look at the candy house photography layout of the words, it is just getting started is modified, so far have not modified the future will gradually perfect!

web page code is too messy.

: second months from Zac’s book really learn a lot of knowledge! I live to Shanghai dragon journey in read more