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people first glance to see things, we must pay attention to time! Before I wrote the title did not pay attention to what, but after leading the guidance of my colleagues improved. I use the title of what is the mission type, questioning and praise contrast, I think the title question will give the reader leave space to think, and cause interest in reading is a good way. Because I edit is a professional high Shanghai hefil project, hefil is filter industry, relatively strong professional, so the title should also be more formal, to give people a more professional feel, convincing. In some kind of filter performance in the article, I will use in the title "experts say……", "XX enterprises said……" and other words, enhance the professional feeling. Of course, there are many headline methods I have not used, but also need to continue learning. read more

Examples of interpretation of love Shanghai love sea statistics included the amount of query functio

look at the love Shanghai statistics the amount collected and the results of site, shown in the picture below is a comparison of data level station and two stations in September two, one station in the site data of 421 is true, 450, 470, 500 is the general digital memory. You can see a station and two stations in Shanghai are included in the amount of love statistics has steadily increased, while the level of site data station gradually decreased, two stations for the stability of 1, what reason is this read more